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I'm helping Lifeline save lives - please help

I’ve been a very silly boy.

To raise money for Lifeline, some other very silly boys (Lachlan, Carlos and Pickles) and I will be straddling our carbon ponies for 180 kilometres of sweat, spew and tears come November 20th.

I’m no Tadej Pogačar, and am most certainly not equipped to complete the Kosciuszko's worth of climbing this ride entails. My bike is also about as old as me, and was nabbed fifth-hand off Marketplace for the princely sum of $200.


Undoubtedly, this ordeal — the ‘Berowra to Broke’ — will leave this hunk-of-junk (and the bike) quite appropriately broken.


But, it’s been a nasty old year for everyone, and our team would love to raise a few bucks for the critical front-line services that Lifeline provides.  Their services are always available on 13 11 14, and if you feel so inclined, please find the link to donate below: https://give.goforbroke.org.au/fundraisers/williamchoy/gfb21b2b

Many thanks,



P.S. If you chuck me fiddy I’ll send you Lyrca pics.

P.P. S I’d also love if my mum wasn’t the only person listed as donating to our team.

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Jasmina Rogers

Go Will.i.am


Geoffery Miller

Go for it😁


Michael Choy

Ayaaa laaa!!!


Jan Heald


Jade Lin

good luck will you’re a star. ride slowly and stay safe!!


Noah Cass

Ride well chief dooz xx


Jess Buhagiar

go willy


Dominic Mccrossin

Cycle long, cycle hard x


Georgia Toft

Very glad to support this silly boy raising money for such a good cause 💪❤️. Best of luck, Will.


Daniel Jones

Good Luck King. Keen for those lyrca pics xx


Sarah Playford

Proud of you always xx


Ben Kaufman

no Lycra pics pls


Jacob Masina

Keep up the brilliant work mate!



Go, Will!! YTB


Andrew Mcgowan

Ride well, bloke x


Jayden Subramaniam

Go well Tadej!


Chase Gogolka

STAY HARD!!!!!!!


Campbell Glaves

180 biggies on the old boneshaker hey 🧐ride straight n late. Super stuff Choybs 😎


Mansa Sukheja

this is so cool, best of luck!


Jack Sargeant

Godspeed sir



Very very proud!!


Maxi Quinn

watch out for the testicle and nipple chafing ay


Terry Fong

Good on ya lad





Letsgoooo Will 🤩


Mia Gruzin

this sounds quite painful


Steph Lee

Good luck!! All those strava logs won’t go to waste 👏💪


Thomas Fogs


Natasha Berthold

Serious inspiration material kiddo ❤️